Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our online booking service.

How do I book online?

Click the 'BOOK NOW' button wherever it appears in the website. This will take you to our online booking webpage

Online Booking

Who should I talk to if I have a query regarding my booking?

You can email Your email will be dealt with as soon as possible, within 24 hours.

How far in advance can I book online?

The advance booking period for most of our activities (indoor tennis courts, football pitches, clay courts, fives, cricket nets, basketball courts, netball courts, climbing wall sessions, gym sessions, indoor tennis sessions, and junior football sessions) are up to 4 weeks online and up to 1 week over the phone.

Can I cancel my online booking?

Yes. To cancel please e-mail

Refunds will be given on bookings if you qualify for a refund under our Terms and Conditions & 
Cancellation Policy - see "Terms and Conditions".

Can I get a refund on my online booking?

Yes, if you have cancelled with the correct 48 hour notice period and complied with the Terms & Conditions.

What if I have lost my Westway Online PIN Number?

Just email and we will email you a reminder or ask us next time you are at the centre.

Alternatively you can click on the "Forgotten your Password" link on the second page of the online booking system.

What should I do if I move home, change 'phone number etc?

You can edit your personal details when logged into the online booking system. Just click on the "my profile" tab.

Alternatively email and don't forget to include your Westway User Registration Number (the one on your Westway card).

Can anyone use the online booking system?


If you previously used our old online booking system, you will need to re-register and activate your account before you start booking any activities. Please download the 'existing online booking users' PDF.

Customers who have never used our online booking system or are not a member at the Westway Sports Centre will need to buy a membership to register. This is a one off £5 registration fee for adults. Please download the 'New to online booking' PDF.

Once you have connected to your account or have bought a membership, you will be able to start booking your activities and please download the 'how to make a booking online' PDF.

Existing Users if you have forgotten your PIN number send an email to Type in your Westway Card number and the email address that you want your PIN Number sent to.

Please  email any contact details which may have changed since you registered with us.

We will confirm receipt of your email immediately and shortly afterwards you will receive your PIN.